Praise for My Work

About my writing…

“The play [Solomon’s Blade] immediately grabbed our attention with its high stakes and the compelling moral quandary at its core. We especially enjoyed seeing intelligent female characters and multi-generational relationships front and center.”

Rachel Lerner-Ley, Artistic Associate, Cleveland Play House  


Solomon’s Blade has truly unique and interesting subject matter, fascinating characters”

Philip Himberg, Producing Artistic Director, Sundance Theatre Program


Solomon’s Blade is a very promising and truly inventive new work”

Martin Benson, Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory


Solomon’s Blade explores a charged and divisive issue approached in a very personal way, maintaining the complexity of the ideas while also finding rich, theatrical and emotionally resonant metaphors and images that communicate those ideas effectively”

Tanya Palmer, Literary Manager, The Goodman Theatre


“I can honestly say Lisa is one of the most dynamic and gifted dramatic writers/artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Last year, I included an excerpt from Have a Heart in the 2nd edition of my Theatre Through the Ages anthology.”

James R. Winter, Jr., Assistant Professor of Theatre,

Southeastern Louisiana University


“I found the characters [in Have a Heart] particularly strong, and was really drawn to your use of language.  While we are unable to produce the script at the present time, I wanted you to know that your script stands out among the hundreds we receive every year and I would like to encourage you to submit projects to us in the future.  Consider this an open invitation to submit your work.”

Meredith McDonough, Director of New Works, TheatreWorks

now Associate Artistic Director, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville


“We were intrigued by the questions tackled about the ethics that come into play [in Have a Heart] .  These seemingly intelligent characters are struggling to convince themselves that something so blatantly unethical can still be construed positively.”

“You have gracefully framed major world issues in an intimate family setting in Solomon’s Blade.  Hannah remains charmingly innocent despite her action and we found Sahrrah’s story quite moving.”

Annie MacRae, Literary Manager, Manhattan Theatre Club  


I had the pleasure of working on Lisa Beth Allen’s drama Solomon’s Blade at the 2012 Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, and then privately with her in my capacity as a freelance dramaturg. Lisa’s play is a tightly knit, surprising, and heart-wrenching drama.  Her skills as a playwright are many, from a mastery of creating emotionally authentic characters, to portraying action in terms that are nothing less than life and death.”

Anne Hamilton, Founder of Hamilton Dramaturgy, New York City

About me as a teacher...

“I have observed many classes at CTD and [Lisa’s] was certainly one of the best I’ve seen.  [She] facilitated an extremely thoughtful and engaging discussion and one that challenged all of [her] students.”

Joe Salvator, Director Summer Programs, Northwestern University,

Center for Talent Development


“Lisa Beth Allen is an artist and educator of extraordinary talent and insight.  She works exceptionally with arts educators as well as with teachers new to the realms of creative process.  She  is patient, caring, passionate and bright in her work and likewise, she has a truly heartfelt manner in working with children of all ages.”

Philip Himberg, Artistic Director, Sundance Institute Theatre Program


“ [Lisa] has the unusual ability to work with both juvenile and adult  students interchangeably.”

Karen Hensel, Director Adult Conservatories, South Coast Repertory


“[Lisa] has tremendous skills in communicating clearly with all ages.  Her personality is appealing, infectiously joyful and motivating to the accomplishment of a higher standard and the well-being of all concerned in the process.  She is visionary in her approach to supporting and developing the larger picture of arts education in Utah.”

Carol Ann Goodson, Ph.D., State Fine Arts Specialist,

Utah State Office of Education


“Lisa maintains an exceptionally mature attitude toward her quest to write and produce within both languages:  English and Spanish.  She values the language NOT just for the spoken and/or written word, but also for the uniqueness and diversity of the culture expressed by both languages, and specifically Spanish.  Lisa excels in all things to which she dedicates time, energy and hard work!”

Timothy Davis, Spanish Professor, Pikes Peak Community College

Lisa Beth Allen