I am turned on by questions without simple answers.  The process of living is far more gratifying than any destination I have reached.  Everything that has unexpectedly come to me in life has far surpassed the dreams and goals from which I’ve been diverted.  I’ve traveled to exotic places and been struck dumb by the ordinary found there; experienced the most remarkable awe of my life in my own backyard.  

     I’ve always been useless at “small talk,” the older I get the less I try.  I value kindness above all other qualities.  I get frustrated when people confuse kindness with being nice, they are far from the same.  Honesty even when difficult to hear will win my respect.  I’ve been through a lot in every stage of life.  No matter how beaten down I feel and to my occasional dismay no matter how definitively I swear, “this time I will not get up again,” eventually I find myself standing and stepping forward.  Life is precious and a priviledge.  I am a steward of the amazing planet that hosts me.

     Color makes me crazy, in the best way.  I see it and all of my senses awaken.  I want to roll in it, lick it, dive down deep into its core, sing it, caress it and whisper my devotion to it.  Words make me ernest.  I feel an obligation to do right by them.   Non-human animals are my greatest joy.  I sometimes wonder why they put up with us.  Spending a lot of time with people tires me quickly.  I feel tremendous reverence for humanity, our individual and collective journeys are never easy and inevitably astonishing.  Great stories make my heart grow.

     I try to exercise body mind and spirit in equal measure, success is fickle.  I vote because there was a time when my grandmother was not permitted to and bad governance is dangerous.  I no longer believe, however, the ultimate solutions to our challenges lie within the realm of government.  If I’m sure of anything it is that we are in a time of personal accountability.  No one gets a pass.  Our intentions, actions, and beliefs create the world in which we live and the experiences we have.  I like positive affirmations, they can be very useful but “becoming the change” we need is more complex than the repetition of words.  Which brings me back to where I began.  I am turned on by questions without simple answers.

Lisa Beth Allen


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Touch the Sky

she reaches without cunning beyond all reason lifting me to the edge of belief

there, i touch the sky...

l.b. allen

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